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Home Cooked Homely Food

Home Delivered

MAJGHAR Capabilities are focused on the issues most important to our clients.

MAJGHAR Local knowledge, extensive experience and capability in managing projects locally.
MAJGHAR Technical abilities unsurpassed in its depth of experience and knowledge. 
MAJGHAR Team approvals approach and focuses on working closely with the Client and the Staff.
MAJGHAR Management Follow up for consistent standard, feedback and staff motivation. 
MAJGHAR Quality assurance and control is carefully monitored by our specialized People.
MAJGHAR Health and safety compliance are our primary focus and audited regularly. 
MAJGHAR Menu planning are customized and tailored to different specific situations.
MAJGHAR serves freshest healthy food and maintain high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. 
MAJGHAR offers authentic recipe, traditional cuisine and legendary culinary.

"Benefits of Partnership" 

Our outstanding services and professional approach will bring more value and why partnership with the MAJGHAR appeals to owners, managers and administrators of companies, industries, institution and social events.

These six benefits represent the top reasons to partner with; 

MAJGHAR Cafe Dinning Services 

MAJGHAR Care Dining Services


MAJGHAR Restaurant and Bakery


Innovative Cuisine
Our management and culinary team pride themselves on preparing innovative meal solutions that accommodate the dietary and nutritional needs of their customer-audiences. Their on-site / off-site preparation are creatively-crafted, attractively-presented cuisine enhances customer participation, and generates revenue that underscores the value of MFKC partnership.

Consistent Quality
Our holistic approach to providing consistent quality across all aspects of each MFKC division greatly benefits the corporate, businesses, industries, institutions, hospitals and schools who partner with us to achieve their goals. Whether your organization supports business teams and customers, patients and caregivers, or students and teachers, you can be assured that our brands will deliver consistent quality and achieve your goals.

Local Support and Accountability
Each industry-specific MFKC brand is managed by local teams of experienced directors, registered dietitians, chefs, and supervisors who are empowered to make local decisions, and accountable directly to MFKC’s actively-involved regional executives. This local support and accountability is what differentiates MFKC brands from large national brands that often have layers of separation from leaders with decision-making ability, leading to inflexibility and decreased customer satisfaction.

Superior Value
Our proven strategies for efficient cafeteria and restaurant operations, coupled with our deep relationships with local and national distributors, enable each MFKC brand to deliver outstanding value to customers. Fresh ingredients, quality products, and attentive service combined with convenience and affordability provides our clients with peace of mind that they are receiving superior value for their wise investment.

Commitment to Community
All MFKC divisions take pride in supporting the people and economies of the local communities we serve. Through employing local people and sourcing local food whenever possible, we strive to be a responsible business partner as well as a good neighbour. 

Assurance of Food Safety Compliance
Employees in all MFKC divisions receive rigorous training that thoroughly covers quality control, service excellence, and compliance with safe food handling and sanitation requirements. 

Two Decades of Diligent Service
Our experience in this industry has been built from that of a tiny operation, brick by brick, on learning big and small. This keeps us close to our customer always, in understanding the most basic of requirements.

Client-Oriented Service
We place customer satisfaction at the core of our business.  Our aim is to provide our customers with customized, world-class cuisine delivered with a high quality of service.

Client-Specific Solutions
We will customize menus that will suit industries. Menus are also provided for client events, conferences, client visits and parties.

Home-grown Corporate
We are completely Indian in the way we think and serve our customers, within a corporate framework. MAJGHAR has SOPs and systems in place for ease of Operations, but is adaptable to people and situations to optimise client-specific delivery.

A 100% Compliant Company
Legal and HR statutory compliance is the backbone of all our policies and operations. 

Quick Set-up and Turnaround Time
With almost two decades of experience in the region, our command, and control setup ensures clear communication and logistics, to instantly deliver materials, to make food, with very strong safety audits, at the various client locations.

Lean Escalation Matrix for Problem-Solving
Our top management are available for clients 24 x 7, ensuring that problem-solving is simple and without hierarchy.

Minimal Client Attrition
Our Customers Are Always First. Our priority and focus has always remained this, ensuring minimum client attrition.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Respect for Diversity is a core value for Fusion Foods. We believe that our employees are at the heart of our organisation, and there is no discrimination in our workplace or processes. Employees are expected to own this value of non-discrimination, treating each other with dignity and respect. 

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