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MAJGHAR Food and Kitchen Company are creative and most emerging brand for corporate, industries, institutions, education institutions, government bodies, hospitals and healthcare. Our restaurant-inspired in-house culinary, hospitality and management expertise and implementation services have proven to benefit each audience with customized dining services that enrich the experiences of their staff, clients, patients, guests, and students.

Five Unique Divisions: One Common Commitment


MFKC Cafe Dining Services supports businesses and organizations (Corporate & Industries)
MFKC Care Dining Services supports institutions such as hospitals, educational & government.
MFKC Events Dining Services supports social functions and private parties, occasions. 

MFKC Restaurant supports specialized cuisine and personalized delightful dining

MFKC Bakery supports finest and wide variety of Breads and Confectioneries. 

Common across each division is our deep commitment to our team and the people we serve through our creative menus, innovative food programs, and attentive, adaptable, responsive support.


Serving Up Revenue Increases, Cost Control, and Compliance

MAJGHAR does much more than feed people, we bring our passion, experience, and people as we work together to create restaurant-style service that they’re proud to call their own, with menus and dining experiences that fit their specific needs, demographics, personality and budget.
Our responsibility – and privilege– is to serve up increased revenues for clients through improved cost control, increased dining participation, consistent compliance, and an overall boost to their brand image.


Flexible, Scalable Culinary Support

MAJGHAR apply a flexible, collaborative approach to delivering dining solutions that accommodate each client’s goals and budget. Our proven combination of culinary expertise, modern technology, strong buying power, and trusted distribution networks combine to deliver unbeatable value for each clients’ investment.


Customized Health and Diet Menus

For clients who want that something more, we have options to add on health and diet menu.


Balanced Menus Using Local Produce

Our material sourcing is localized, not just ensuring freshness of produce, but also that we patronize local vendors. Also, our menus are balanced ensuring that clients eat healthy.

Addressing Workplace Conflict / Communications

Our robust HR, through its various initiatives, ensures that employee-engagement remains its focus.


Health Education and Promotion

Health check-ups, workshops and awareness programmes ensure that our employees are healthy and maintain hygiene practices.

The leader in cafeteria catering! Excellent onsite cooking ability.

We provide handmade freshness with onsite cooking. Customers can feel reassured due to our thorough sanitation management.

Highly diversified professionalism.

Our meals are designed by staff who are highly specialized in nutrition management.


Dynamic supply chain with fully utilized manufacturing site.

We serve beyond culinary delights, it requires ingenuity, creativity and services that address the needs of your unique event.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE – SOP's I Ability to handle scale I Teams in sync across every operation I Catering to a varied client profile, therefore understanding of varied industry requirements and Back-ups in place.


TIMELINES - Quick set-up and turnaround times I Timely delivery of food across sessions, every time I Ability to handle client-requirements at short notice.


QUALITY HEALTH & HYGIENE - Stringent checks I Certification I Quality, health, safety & environment practices I Compliance I Policies and procedures.



"We perfected ourselves in creating an artistic, elegant, memorable yet practical spread of dishes to be relished by both the eye and the palate"


"We settle only for the best. With great values, all our menus are of our pride"
















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