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"A Corporate Dining Services Pioneer"

A Refreshing Approach to Corporate Food Services



" Brand is dedicated to Corporate & Industries for Catering needs through In-house / remote kitchen to serve fresh, innovative and healthy cuisine  "

MAJGHAR core competence & specialization is handling Corporate & Industrial Catering with allied services & an option either to operate in-house / remote kitchens and taking care all-day meals like Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea/ snacks, Dinner and Midnight snacks with the help of our experienced & skilled professional on site. 

The industrial catering section operates within many companies and industrial sites. Our catering Services is successful in its ability to operate within different segments of the industry whilst satisfying the diverse needs of the individual customers and clients. At MAJGHAR catering Services, we appreciate the enormity of time and economic constraints that Corporate Management and Institutions are undergoing in ensuring the smooth operations of their staff canteen, cafeteria and guest houses etc. Our industrial catering services involves the provision of food and beverages on a large scale to corporate bodies, Institutions in their Cafeterias, Guest houses, Construction sites, Remote area sites and other specialized locations through the installations and technical sustenance of effective operational & systematic process driven methodology. 


MAJGHAR Cafe Services: A Corporate dinning services is your full-service solutions and value for your Company’s catering services experience. Our comprehensive options range to assist in design and development of cafeterias, convenience markets, and refreshment vending stations; to creative menu development and on-site preparation of fresh, sustainably-sourced, restaurant-quality cuisine. This wide-ranging and flexible suite of dining services, coupled with in-house execution and management by experienced professionals, drives accountability and consistently represents your firm’s brand personality across every aspect of your dinning experience at MAJGHAR Cafe.  Simply put, we empower your business to thrive by creating desirable dining options and environments that engage people’s participation, support their wellness, promote your brand, and deliver solid returns on your investment. The concept may be operated through support of CLOUD KITCHEN. 


A Corporate Dining Services Pioneer
MAJGHAR Cafe Services pioneered the progression of business dining services such as full-service cafes featuring fresh, innovative and healthy cuisine; coffee bars; office refreshment services; always-accessible micro market self-checkout cafeterias; executive dining; on-site corporate catering; vending options and cafeteria design.

A Refreshing Approach to Corporate Food Services
MAJGHAR Cafe Services has a refreshingly flexible, collaborative approach to delivering solutions that respect our clients’ goals and budgets.  Our culinary expertise, cutting-edge technology, strong buying power and distribution networks combine to customize catering services that reflect your corporate personality and achieve your corporate dining goals.  From daily dining needs to special dining events, our corporate chefs and their hospitality teams value your business, and treat it as their own.


Creative Menus and Innovative Dining Areas Enhance Participation & Productivity
We aspire to attract employees to dine in-house, in support of their productivity and wellness. To accomplish this, our seasoned teams of chefs, registered dietitians, dining managers, and professional servers expertly create restaurant-inspired cuisine, and present it with flawless service and warm hospitality in an appealing manner. We go beyond traditional cafeteria offerings, to offer attractive and healthy options and overall wellness.


Corporate Catering Options Preserve Your Resources and Protect Your Brand
Our experience and proven success with providing in-house corporate catering services ensures that your managers, staff, clients, and guests consistently gain convenient, cost-effective, on-demand access to fresh, healthy cuisine that supports their well being and productivity.  Our comprehensive catering services include


Every Day Catering for daily business dining requirements; Event Catering for all corporate and special events; and Executive Dining that discretely supports diverse dietary needs, preferences, and schedules. 

This in-house catering support is a valuable asset that preserves your resources and protects your brand image by simplifying the order process and ensuring consistent availability, quality, freshness, customization, and presentation of food for your team and guests.



" Brand is dedicated to Educational & Institutional sector for Catering needs through In-house / remote kitchen with care, warmth & cost effective"

MAJGHAR Care Dinning provide catering services for various institutions such as, schools, colleges, educational institutes, Hostels, Hospitals & Healthcare, Hotels, Gymnasiums, Clubs, EDR (Executive Dining Rooms), Government institutions etc. Our ability to handle diverse and mini to macro outfits in multiple formats is a key reason we stand unique in market.

We are fully-equipped to provide healthcare institutions with menus that will conform with their dietary requirements. In-house dietitians construct meals to suit client specifications. College canteens, snack counters and vending kiosks can be set-up according to client specifications. 


Comprehensive Dining Services for Healthcare, Assisted Living, Senior Care and Specialty Schools

MAJGHAR Care Services is your best choice for attentive, innovative, cost-effective dining services that deliver comprehensive value for users and staff of your healthcare or rehabilitative facility, assisted living community, senior care canter, or specialty school.


Our Customized Cuisine Appeals to Today’s Discerning Diners
We customize our restaurant-inspired menus to appeal to the diverse preferences, nutritional needs, and presentation desires of today’s discerning diners.Our registered dietitians and talented chefs collaborate to create delicious home-style meals with restaurant-style presentation that everyone craves.  

Partner with our team to enhance the dining experiences of everyone that your facility serves or employs, including various age groups, ethnicity, dispositions and backgrounds.


A Tasteful Approach to Institutional Catering Services
Far from the outdated “institutional” catering service offerings traditionally associated with healthcare, senior living and education, the MAJGHAR Care Dinning Services approach is refreshingly modern and tasteful.  This critical difference helps your customers connect with your brand, and sets you apart from your service-industry peers.


We Take Pride in Nurturing the People You Serve
Our Catering-service team of actively-engaged and accessible managers, chefs, nutrition specialists, and hospitality professionals take enormous pride in their pursuit of nurturing people with fresh, vibrant, flavorful cuisine.  We fervently strive to facilitate a healthy relationship between people and food by crafting innovative menus, sourcing fresh and wholesome ingredients, preparing food thoughtfully, and presenting it attractively. Our kitchens are impeccably clean, and our food stations and dining environments are warm and inviting.


Strategically Sized to Deliver Flexible, Scalable Culinary Support
MAJGHAR Care Dinning Services is strategically sized to deliver the flexible, scalable support that improves your dining program and your bottom line. We will try to command cost-effective pricing for food and products from local vendors and national brands, yet small enough to craft customized service that enhances every aspect of your dining operations.


Seasoned Culinary Experts & Hospitality Professionals
You can depend on our in-house staff of expert culinary and hospitality specialists to deliver uninterrupted support that frees you from the distractions, headaches, and compliance risks of managing your own catering and dining services.


Outstanding Value for Your Food Service Investment
Our proven approach to delivering overall value is to partner with you to learn your goals and budget, and collaboratively develop custom dining programs that uphold your mission, achieve your goals, and improve your image among the communities you serve.


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