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“The journey from ENTREPRENEUR










"HOSPITALITY Professionals with a Passion for People and Food"


Our management team bring unique skills, comprehensive perceptions and diverse experience to our business environment. Passionate and committed to run and keep our MAJGHAR as havens for satisfying all tastes at all times, our team raises the bar to ensure that our shared mission, which is meant to provide extraordinary hospitality to our valuable clientele and business partners, is well adapted and meaningful.


An Empowered Team of Career Professionals

MFKC leaders have decades of hospitality management experience, and are committed to providing each team member with excellent compensation, training and support that empowers them to enjoy their work and deliver excellence for clients.



We at MFKC, consider our people as a biggest asset and it is because of this reason we also make sure that our employees are capable enough to meet the needs of our valued customers. Empowered with dedicated, qualified executives and work force with vast experience in the area of catering, and allied services.


Culinary Professionals with a Passion for People and Food

We are proudly represented by people who are passionate about making a real difference within the communities they serve.

Our comprehensive team – as well as our roster of appreciative clients – continues to grow because we listen to everyone’s wants and needs, and strive to help them reach their goals.  This attentiveness and respect for people flows through every aspect of our corporate culture.


Seasoned Experts & Hospitality Professionals

Our experienced full-service team includes talented chefs and registered dietitians who take pride in crafting menus of mouth-watering, home-style cuisine with restaurant-inspired presentation options. 

Our cafeteria managers and expert servers are committed to maintaining impeccably clean kitchens, attractive food stations, and inviting dining environments.


This dedicated team of holistic, results-oriented culinary and hospitality specialists treat your mission and goals as their own, and deliver uninterrupted support that releases you from the burdens and compliance risks of managing your own food service program.


Pallavi Verma

Pallavi Verma, a serial entrepreneur and a mother, Konkan origin individual believe in “a day without laughter is a day waste” full of life with plenty spiritual beliefs leads Majghar – a food and cloud kitchen company based in Thane, Mumbai.
She is Hotel management graduate with hands-on experience of more than one and half decades in the field of Hotel and Asset management, Operation and Marketing and a reputed and renowned entrepreneur in Indian Hospitality and Hotel sector.
She has established ROOHI Hospitality Group Pvt. Ltd. as Co-Founder & Director and after completing five successful years’ operation now leading as Founder Director for MAJGHAR food and kitchen management company to cater Corporate, Industries, Institutional, Hospitals and Government Catering requirement along with serving delightful dining experience at MAJGHAR Restaurant, an authentic Konkani’s Cuisine and Fresh Over Bakery with a touch of family environment in Thane and Mumbai.
She would like to assist community serving meals and create sustainable environment friend atmosphere with affordability & creativity.
She has superb and diverse experience in famed luxury hotels, aviation industry and corporate handling public relation and general management. Pallavi received experience as an administrator with multi-national corporate companies and luxury premium five-star hotels and resorts brand across India. Pallavi has her belief in herself and she is fully committed to working as a team with various sectors. Her great working experience in some of the top notch hotels and aviation industry in the country will reflect on her management that will give MAJGHAR a driving force!

Sanket Dhake

A Sailor exploring the world class global cuisine and hospitality turned to renowned Caterer and now venturing MAJGHAR as Founder Director kindled his interest in the food industry.
He began MAJGHAR Concepts, to cater to the meal requirements of the diversified industry more focus to grow the corporate and industrial catering business.
Leading the management team, his developed skills to manage and run commercial kitchens, his high attention to detail and professionalism will result in high quality service.
Sanket is responsible for the continued growth of MAJGHAR Café, MAJGHAR Care, MAJGHAR Events and MAJGHAR Restaurant and Bakery network of operations in the provision of catering services to all its clients. With extensive experience of large scale catering operations management, he has an unwavering reputation to take brand to the next level in Food and Hospitality Industry. 

His inspiration and direction for team is always bullish and focus to offer maximum satisfaction to all clientele and strive to achieve maximum returns on investment for all guests and business partners.
Awesome listening skills and eye for details when he crafts menu & services for clients.  

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